cyberpunk is dead

notes on the development of the so-called social web and the role of cyberpunks inside this process.

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une traduction française par Yannick Primel

a mix of the comments that the text received

3 Antworten auf “cyberpunk is dead”

  1. 1 David de Ugarte 07. April 2011 um 16:34 Uhr

    Very interesting… even limited to anglo and german cpk. The Spanish-speaking Cyberpunk Movement evolved soon to an activist and civil right movement and then to phyle ( now it is rooted in three countries, owns economic autonomy, develops software from a very particular point of view (, bazar in, and soon prisma), it publishes successfull books under public domain in paper and electronic formats, etc. etc.

  2. 2 Lorenzo Martens 18. Mai 2012 um 17:18 Uhr

    Did someone mention trolling?

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